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Daisy Brasington

Daisy Brasington

Freelance Photographer and Director of Remember the Future

I am passionate about moving towards a zero-waste economy and increasing environmental protection so that diverse plethora of species can thrive on this  wondrous planet. Without immediate and decisive action in the construction and energy sectors we will never achieve the emissions reductions needed to slow and reverse the changing of the planets water cycles.

We can help achieve a better environment for the all life forms on the planet by sharing engaging educational material thats focused on solutions, so people retain the ability to see multiple possibilities for the future. Empowering people to make better choices in the present also encourages us to think about the legacy we leave to future generations.

Ive always been fascinated by the overwhelming feeling of looking out of a plane window. Able in some cases to see the whole coastline of a country as you ascend, rows of coastal apartments disappearing into the clouds, Or when coming down; first getting lost in the tapestry of fields, then roads, then houses, finally able to spot a car, and somehow aware in the back of your mind there could be 5 people inside…but probably not. The things that we all do, do matter. We are all connected, and there really is no such place as far away.

As changes in the management of resources take place across the country and indeed the world, its our hope that reporting these changes in an infomative way will help maintain momentum within the sector and help other businesses gain confidence in steps they can take towards meeting sustainability targets and joining the circular economy.

The narrative of the third industrial revolution, which has been patiently waiting in the wings for some time now and rehearsing for even longer, is preparing to step into the limelight for the best part of the next century. Clean energy, sustainable agriculture, smart cities and electric transport is all here today. Its our job now as researchers and photographers to report on the successes of a growing industry in a way that is both accessible and not scientifically dumbed down – so that humans feel comfortable with the advances, and advantages, of new infrastructure due to be constructed over the next 30 years.

The future is here – lets all be welcoming.