Services and Prices

Our main service is outstanding photography.

We also deliver a range of other marketing services to clients including videography, copy writing, social media content and website design.
We are specialists in communicating ideas that build an equitably enjoyed, sustainable vision of the future. Below are some of the key industries and campaigns we strive to support.
  • Renewable Energy

    • Residential solar installations
    • Ground mounted solar projects
    • Commercial rooftop installations
    • Battery storage innovations
    • Product component photography
    • 100MW+ Solar Projects
    • Offshore & Onshore wind farms
    • Tidal Energy
    • Energy access in developing countries
    • Energy Conferences and events

  • Infrastructure

    • Environmentally conscious construction
    • Sustainable building materials
    • Water conservation systems
    • Waste management
    • Electric transport and associated grids
    • Bicycle access in cities
    • Smart cities
    • Retrofitting for energy conservation
    • Sustainable agriculture
    • Workplace health And safety

  • Environment

    • Flood and drought defences
    • Plastic pollution and use reduction
    • Air quality in cities
    • Wild fire management
    • Wildlife habitat protection
    • Maritime species conservation
    • Increasing species biodiversity
    • Eco fibres, textiles & dyes
    • Pesticide reduction for pollinators
    • Eco tourism and responsible travel

Although there are prices listed below, the best way to get an accurate quote is to contact us directly. In reality all quotes are eventually undertaken on an individual basis, as we sometimes work on a project over the course of many months with multiple photographers involved and sometimes it is just a new set of headshots or quick assignment. Prices may vary slightly depending on the level of editing expected in the final output and the length of time the shoots take.
When we give a personalised quote its a great help if you can make the following information available:
  • What would you like photographed, filmed or written about?
  • Where (roughly) will the shoot/event take place?On what medium(s) will the final content be presented? (Website/Magazine/Poster)
  • Will the content be used in international marketing or billboards?
  • Will the job require more than one visit?
  • Will there be people in the photos/videos? (Models/Members of staff)
We also normally start to think about these things right away:
  • What are you trying to communicate? To whom?
  • Do you have any images/footage already that you really love and want to take inspiration from?
  • Whats the timeline for getting the best shots before the project deadline?
We have the experience to help you answer these questions and can demonstrate the potential savings of well planned photography and content creation sessions.
We offer a significant local work discount for businesses in Bristol.
Discounts are also applicable for extended assignments or projects that, in order to undertake, need multiple short visits to the same location. Please contact us for details.