Woking Safely Around the World

Workplace safety is an ongoing concern for employers and supply chain managers. Different safety measures are taken around the world in the construction and engineering industries.

Singapore undertook huge visual campaigns during the building of its iconic new harbour area aspiring for 2010 to be the year of no accidents. Although they did not achieve this in its entirety it played a part in bringing the annual workplace fatality rate down from 2.9 per 100,000 to 2.2 per 100,000 or in plain terms – 70 people died in 2009 and 55 in 2010.  They have continued to motivate construction employers to engage with workplace safety through the Work Safety and Health Act and in 2015 launched the Vision Zero campaign “to drive the Vision Zero mindset that all workplace injuries and ill-health are preventable”. This campaign, to which 10 building group leaders have signed up, builds on The CultureSAFE programme, “which was launched in 2012 with a WSH Culture Fund to help companies implement the CultureSAFE programme at their workplaces. More than 560 companies have benefitted from the programme, of which more than half were SMEs.” WSH Singapore Press Release 2016

In 2006 when I began taking photos, one of the first companies that hired me was TSHP risk management in Bedford, UK. Until that moment I had been fortunate enough to have only a minor brush with an unsafe work environment (Reading festival, fire marshalling) and had given the topic little thought at all. After shooting for them though it became something that went on to tease me mentally regarding the usability of photos for corporate work - if people are operating machinery unsafely, working at heights without the correct harnesses or not wearing the right safety uniform - a client will not want the photos. Over time I've developed a strong awareness of workplace environments its something I enjoy photographing when I am travelling. Daisy Brasington (Photographer)

Here in the UK the rate of fatal injuries has been on a long term downward trend since the 80s although have shown some signs of levelling off around the 0.4% mark in the last 5 years. The UK construction industry is the most dangerous sector to be working in closely followed by agriculture. We photograph active building sites and infrastructure projects at any stage. These photos can be used for future planning consent, archive or in risk management strategy and development. If you take workplace safety seriously or have a complex building project coming together, and would like to show future clients and investors your endeavours then we would love to hear about it. Use the contact page to make an enquiry.

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