Renewable energy tours inspire a new generation in Tenerife

Renewable energy tours inspire a new generation in Tenerife

Frequented by students from the island as well as much further afield, Remember The Future visited the Institute for Technology and Renewable Energy centre with students from Hull University on a sunny afternoon in March last year. The initiative to create a Renewable Energy Trail was designed and developed by ITER and the council of Tenerife. Situated next to the main research facility buildings the trail has been created in a natural gully. The site location was chosen specifically to alleviate the impact of the strong prevailing winds and high temperatures which typically have the effect of evaporating surface water and drying the vegetation on this part of the island.

An artificial river runs through the centre of the walk from a pond at the top to the bottom. As you walk along the river trail, you gain a general introduction to energy supply and production as well as history and accomplishments in developing renewable energy on Tenerife. We encountered life size demonstrations of renewable energy production mixed with information boards on conventional sources of energy production and explanations of environmental concerns that renewable energy aims to address. The walk concludes with an area dedicated to illuminating ways we can become all become involved in creating energy solutions for the future.

In our commitment with the environmental education and science dissemination in the area of renewable energies, ITER offers free guided tours to these dissemination facilities, both for organized groups and individuals.

Please use the link below if you would like to check the opening times and availability of guided tours.

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